What We Do

Vantage Point Advisors maps the course for financial peace of mind serving high-net-worth executives, individuals, and business owners with a fiduciary level of care.

Vantage Point Advisors builds integrated financial plans that combine each client’s unique strategy, personal situation, and willingness, ability, and need to accept market risk. We take the time to focus on delivering true wealth management services, not just money management. This means integrating estate and tax planning and risk management needs into an overall financial plan.

Vantage Point Advisors is Fiduciary Minded: Every decision or recommendation is made solely on how it best serves our client’s near and long-term interests. Period. Not because we are legally obligated to (although we are). Not because it works well as a business model (it does). Simply because it is right.

Vantage Point Advisors Provides Fee-Only Private CFO and Wealth Management Services: Fees are based on a percentage of the assets we manage for a client. We believe this approach best aligns our interests with our clients’, helping us meet our fiduciary obligation as a Registered Investment Advisor firm.