Why We Are Different

Vantage Point Advisors is Client-Centric.

Vantage Point Advisors is independently owned and operated which alleviates the conflicts that come with shareholders, share prices, and earnings targets.

Vantage Point Advisors is boutique in nature and intentionally small so we can maintain deep personal relationships and superior service. NOT subpar. Our business model outsources the routine so we can focus on the critical and often complex issues wealth creates.

VP Advisors understands the Science of Investing, which uses decades of unbiased, peer-reviewed research and evidence as the foundation of its investment philosophy. VP Advisors cannot control or predict markets but it can control investment costs, taxes, and risk.

We regularly meet face-to-face with our clients to review their investment performance and maintain their plans current with their changing lives.

Vantage Point Advisors offers a team approach that works with your team of CPAs and attorneys who know you and your history the best. We build on their knowledge to increase their impact, while at the same time we bring new ideas to the table from other advisors we work with to avoid “big firm: group think”.